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El Presidente 2K Challenge


Welcome to the El Presidente 2K Challenge Registration!

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El Presidente 2K challenge is ON!

I announced the opening of the 1st Annual El Presidente 2K Challenge (EP2K) on Sunday at the Back to Rowing BBQ. There are already over 20 people signed up! If you missed the BBQ, here is the information:

For those who might not know, a “2K” or a “2K Test” is when one rows 2,000 meters on an indoor rower (erg). This is the “test” that all coaches use to evaluate a rower. The quicker you do it, the better. College teams use the “2K” as a guideline for the potential of a rower, so it’s important. All rowers compare their score/time with others. When you are at the clubhouse or around rowers you will hear “What’s your 2K?”

So, last spring on the bus ride to Regionals, a discussion developed about people’s 2Ks (not sure if that’s the plural of 2K). I somehow was thrusted into the discussion. A great debate erupted about my ability or inability to even row a 2K. Questions like, “Is there enough time in the day for him to 2K?”, “Will the erg support his weight?” and “Should he have a doctor check him out first?” Then, the reality hit the Scullers...” Wait, what happens if he gets a fast time?” and “OMG, what if I’m slower than him!?!” And so, the “El Presidente 2K Challenge” was born.

With all things that are born, the “EP2K” started to grow. Why should El Presidente have all the fun? Why not allow others to have the opportunity to show the Scullers how to do a 2K? Hey, it’s only 2,000 meters! How hard can that be! So, if you would like to join me, or if you are dumb as me, sign up for the “El Presidente” 2K Challenge TODAY!


1st 2K Sunday August 27th at 2:30 at the Clubhouse

2nd 2K Sunday December 3rd (date to be confirmed) at 2:30 at the Clubhouse

3rd 2K Southern Sprints Indoor Regatta (optional and additional assessment if participating)

4th FINAL 2K - May 2018 (exact date TBD)

Winner(s) will be announced at the End of Year Banquet in May. Winner will be based on 2K improvement, participation, and enthusiasm. Every participant will receive an awesome EP2K shirt! A ridiculously large trophy will also show the names of the winners.


TO SIGN UP: Fill out the Sign Up sheet, pay the $25 entry fee (includes shirt), and return to the office OR Sign Up Online at


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Maureen Watson


Phone: (941) 966-2244